Welcome to My Dear Weddings

Based in Northern California, My Dear Weddings creates custom experiences to mark the most important chapters in your life story. Every event planned goes through three main stages: Connect, Construct, Celebrate! 

Connect: Relationships are important to me. When a client hires me to help them plan their next big event or even a wedding, they are handing over a lot of trust and I don't take that for granted! Even before the planning begins, I love to connect with my clients to learn more about them. When you decide to hire me as your planner, you're instantly a part of the My Dear Weddings family <3

Construct: After connection, comes the construction/planning phase. This is so fun! We'll meet to go over all of your ideas and chat about what is important to you on the day of your event. From the decor and design to the timeline and logistics, My Dear Weddings will bring your vision to life! 

Celebrate: Then comes the big day! Whether it's a birthday party or your wedding day, we'll CELEBRATE! One of the best parts about hiring a planner for your event is that all of the details are taken care of. Your only job is to enjoy your day! Your planner will handle everything from setting up all the decor to making sure the days events stay on track with the timeline.